Things you need for your first cat

So.. you will be getting your first cat soon.
Is there anything you will need to prepare before heading down to the shelter?
Well, here are some amazing tips and items you will need that will save you on cost and trouble.

1. Food and Water Bowl

All animals require food and water to stay alive. So as long as you are looking to adopt a pet, you cannot miss this item that your pet requires. As we are self-proclaimed cat experts, we have all your food & water bowl needs right here at nekohouse. Cats tend to form "cat pimples" around their chin, which can be hard to remove. In this case, you may prepare angled feeding bowl for your cat. This prevent formation of those black solids under your cat's mouth. By preparing these items before your cat steps into your house, you can save the trouble of rushing down to the nearest pet store to purchase such products. Not only does prepping these products beforehand saves you the worry, but the cost as well.

You may find angled bowls here.

2. Litter Box

Have your litter box ready before your cat enters your house so that your new cat will have an easier time finding their toilet in a new environment. Select a size that is suitable for your cat, or select a larger box that allows cat of all life-stages. If you do not have these ready, you will need to purchase at a higher cost when you are at the shelter or pet store. Furthermore, sizes will be quite limited and you will might need to look for other store options immediately which could cause unnecessary panic. Research well, prepare well, so that your cat can step into your house feeling less stressed!

If you are worried about cost and sizes available in the market, check out the collection here we have that will suit your needs.

3. Cat Carrier Bag

In case you didn't know, the cost of purchasing a carrier at the pet store itself can cost you a fortune. But if you are reading this article, you are in luck! Because by preparing a carrier to fetch your new kitty saves you cost and time. At the same time, you get to choose from a wide range of carrier bags. From spaceship to bag-pack, you may fetch your new cat with these "designer" carrier bags. These bags can cost you up to hundreds per bag, so research wisely for the best price and design that you wish to carry when you bring home your new kitty.

Stylish and affordable. Have you seen this carrier bag being carried around?

4. (Optional) Pet Fountain

Pet fountain has its great purpose for encouraging cats to consume water. Not just for decoration purpose, the sound of water reminds your cat to hydrate themselves and inform them of fresh water nearby. Having a pet fountain filters bacterias and ensure water is fresh every second. Your cat would love to drink form such water fountain because they do not trust still water in case of bacteria growth in still water. Hence, they tend to avoid it. So if you think your cat is not drinking enough water, get a water dispenser or pet fountain!

Ensure 24/7 hydration for your cat here.

5. (Optional) Scratching Board/ Toy

Cats hate changes and new environment. They prefer routine over changes. Therefore, to allow your cat getting used to new environment, engage your cat with cat toys. So that they can be more comfortable around you. Also, let them know that the scratching board is the place where they could file their nails. By introducing scratching board to him/ her in the early stages, it would reduce their tendency of scratching up the entire living place.

What NOT to get BEFORE adopting your cat

1. Litter

We do not recommend purchasing cat litter before you are aware of the current litter your cat is using. As litter needs to be changed out slowly, purchase the current litter your cat is using, before changing to a new brand or new scent

2. Food

Same as litter, your cat may not be used to new food unless it has been switched out slowly. Introduce new food to your cat slowly, ensuring he or she is consuming it before adding larger portion to its meal everyday. Therefore, purchase litter and food directly at the pet store or shelter so that you do not confuse the cat by introducing new litter and food suddenly.

We hope these help you with the integration of your new cat and family.

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